My name is Peaches.  Actually, that’s not really my name, but I’m not going to write under my own name because, as many have found in this age of internet anonymity, there is something beautifully liberating about writing under a false name.  Sort of like being Dear Abby every time you log on.  So Peaches it is!

Now, there are two things I freely admit:  One, I am a hedonist.  Two, I am (by my own choice) poor.  Look up something called voluntary simplicity.  And, as you can imagine, the life of an impoverished lover of pleasure can be complicated…

This blog is for other femmes like me (and garçons, though I will be writing with girls in mind) who love luxury but can’t/won’t pay the huge amounts of money society generally expects one to pay for luxury.  Look forward to links, DIY tutorials, general ramblings about life, my philosophy, and my thoughts on society today and its general attitude towards money and what it can buy, and much, much more.  And lots of commas, because I love writing sentences that go on, and on, and on… 

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Tips on living the good life with sparkles, luxury, and radical self-acceptance ~ for femmes on a shoestring budget

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